Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Aside from being almost boringly mild so far (which suits us fine), it has been winter on the coast. Even sunny days have a harsh edge in the air. For variety, the wind swings around the compass rose every few days, but mostly it settles into the northern quadrant so that we get the benefit of arctic clarity. We have tried to plan some excursions based on promising forecasts a week or so out. Of course, the weather always collapses as the anticipated date appproaches.

Visiting sailors from Massachusetts heading south late in the season

A few boats have found their way to the Town Dock and harbor. Seeing new boats and sailors is always a welcome respite from the slow season. The three pictured above spent about a week here while their dad removed and fixed his engine -- on Town Dock no less.

Even rain can be nice. About three AM this morning, Scout whined to come below because it began to rain. It was a gentle, steady rain, but he wanted to be in the saloon, which is our deal with him when he sleeps in the cockpit (which he does not do if it is cold).

A good day to sleep in or curl up with a good book

I climbed back into my berth and promptly fell asleep. When I awoke again near dawn, rain was softly tapping on the deck and hatch, a quiet rhythm that pushed me straight down into another slumber.

Still wind winter days are lovely

The sun returned late morning, but the temperature dropped throughout the day as the northeast winds blew 15-20. A sub-freezing night tonight will yield to temps in mid-60s by the weekend. You have to love the ever-changing variety.

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