Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: The End of the Storm

Our first blue skies in three days

Blue skies and sunshine! Notwithstanding our Tropical Storm Warning that continues through noon, and although it may not be over 'til the, you know, the lady sings, we declare an end to our experience with H Sandy.

Last night, winds clocked around to the northwest, diminished a bit and blew out much of the surge. As we now float once again at a near normal level, Scout got off the boat, happy to have business ashore. Still, the approaching cold front will continue the high winds for a few days, common enough this time of year.

Hurricanes extend our sense of time. Early concern stretches into preparations, analysis and decisions. Anticipation builds as the storm travels toward us. Forecasts change as data changes and trends become clearer. Most often, the actual hurricane only lasts part of a day. Sandy battered us for almost 48 hours, though neither winds nor rain nor storm surge were as severe as predicted. On the other hand, as with most hurricanes, it will be several days before we know the full impact, especially as Sandy merges with arctic air and the cold front when it strikes the northeast tonight.


  1. Good observation about "Hurricanes extend our sense of time". I think it reflects being closer to the real world which is both the blessing and curse of living on a boat. Be well.

  2. Good to know you came through safely!

    1. It was great to have friends and other cruisers around. Kept things light. And, of course, the storm was never as bad as predicted. But it is cold. Still. Take care.


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