Monday, December 3, 2012

Blackwater and Blue: Photos from Downeast North Carolina

At last, I have published my new book of photography. The photographs are focused on the reflectivity of water and the beauty of our coast from the black tannic swamps to emerald green sounds to the royal blue of open ocean. Coupled with short essays about the history and traditions of the coastal areas I photographed, I am very pleased with how both the color and black and white shots came out. Some of these will be familiar to those who read this blog. Others will be new and, I hope, interesting.

I began photographing seriously with a Nikkormat some forty years ago. I loved film and shot mostly slides for the richness and depth of color. I periodically shot black and white, but the skill was anathema to shooting color slides. With digital, I feel comfortable shooting either interchangeably as the conditions and images suggest. 

This book is for sale through Blurb. Just click the widget above for a Preview. The book quality is excellent, and Blurb will print small orders (e.g., as few as one).

FYI, there will be a 2012 edition of Cabin Notes compiling the posts and images from this blog. It will not be identical to what has been posted here, but will include substantially all of the posts along with most of the images.

I would love to know what you think. Best wishes for the holiday season.

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