Friday, September 19, 2014

Autumn, Maybe

Strange rain squall.

Following a deluge early in the week that left the creeks and farm ditches swollen and spilling from their banks, the winds eased around to the north and now blow happily a cooling breeze. Water temps have begun to drop, and nights are cool enough (and, so far, dry enough) to open the hatches and portholes.

Inside out...outside in.

As did the UK's royal family of Windsor, the heads of Parliament and Scots around the world, we watched with passion the run-up to Scotland Decides, the historic independence vote. Although the vote was No, the Scots had already won when the Prime Minister and other party leaders, panicking over a poll showing that the Yes movement was leading, agreed to devolve more powers to Scotland in advance of the Decision.

Scottish saltire...or M...flying on Wild Haggis

When the sailing film, All is Lost, was released last year, The Old Theatre quickly acquired it. The house was packed...and disappointed. Only a landlubber could have missed the serial follies.

Nonetheless, the failure of All is Lost highlighted the local interest in sailing films. Yes, you would think that obvious. A list of good sailing flicks flowed into TownDock's editor. As a result, The Old Theatre's film committee recognized the opportunity for assured success. Tonight, White Squall will screen as the Friday Flick -- as always, all the free popcorn you can eat.

The surest sign of autumn along the ICW is the beginning of the cruiser migration south. Here, Hale Kai is leaving in a couple of weeks, and Kindred Spirit launches her maiden voyage to the islands mid-October. Katkandu is pondering her departure date and meanwhile enjoying sport runs to the taverns and nightlife of Beaufort.

The C-Brats, a friendly lot, have returned for their annual visit. A C-Dory from upriver in New Bern was enjoying a pleasant run yesterday until it reached the bend of the river at Minnesott Beach. Suddenly, it collided with heavy whitecaps driven by a stiff 15-20 knot northeast wind. The last half of the journey to our cove was rough, but the captain smiled as he recounted the tale.

Fair winds and cool air.

Sailing into a vortex?

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