Monday, October 26, 2020


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be stranded in the wilderness in a blizzard? Sailing through a tropical storm? Taking a ferry to a Scottish island when the winds howl and the waves pitch the ship wildly from port to starboard and bow to stern?

CABIN NOTES: Adventures and Misadventures on Land and Sea is a collection of true stories with some suspense and humor, the way real life usually is. From the mountains to the coast, Maine to Jamaica and Scotland, my family and I have experienced the excitement, wonder, and beauty of the outdoors while shedding a few tears and some blood along the way.

Any experience can become an adventure when things go badly. Weather, broken gear, accidents, and sometimes just poor decisions, what I fondly call "Operator Error", can contribute to trips gone wrong. I may not have had more than my share of misadventures outdoors, but this collection of tales presents some of my most memorable stories about hiking, sailing, rafting, surfing, and paddling. Settings include rivers, oceans, lakes, mountains, and swamps. No one dies, but the opportunities were often close by.

With the variety of settings and adventures, there should be a story for everyone. I hope you will be interested and willing to share among your friends who may be curious. If nothing else, I am pretty sure this book will entertain in this bizarre period of the pandemic when entertainment has been challenging. 

For the print version, you can order with the link above, or through Amazon, or through your local bookshop , which I encourage. The eBook version is available from Amazon.

[NOTE: The link above is for my affiliate page on Bookshop, an online bookseller competing with Amazon and sharing profits with local, independent booksellers. And yes, I receive a small financial benefit if you order from Bookshop, but that is not why you should consider it.]

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