Friday, January 21, 2022

A Remarkably Unique Whisky


It should surprise no one that a blog titled Wild Haggis Studio might reference single malt whisky (there is no "e" in Scotch whisky as there is in all other types of "whiskey").

Glenfiddich, one of the most famous single malts, has started a series of "experiments". My wife bought me a bottle of Experiment #4 for Christmas, a label titled Fire and Cane.

I decided to review the whisky on the Glenfiddich web site after reading the diverse opinions.

As a lover of single malts in general and Glenfiddich in particular, my wife gambled that I would enjoy this experiment, and she was right. Admittedly, I already had a fondness for peat flavor which not all do. This is warm without the harsh kick of some of the more peaty whiskys. The rich smoke surprised and delighted me. Once the whisky opened up, more flavors and aromas emerged so that I savored a migration from the opening smoke to the final suggestion of a sweet finish, a lightness on the tongue more than a sugary flavor per se. Overall, the whisky presents a tantalizing and unique complexity that enlivens the taste like the myriad instruments of an orchestra combining in a symphony, some loud and bold, some quiet and sublime. I am tempted to spend the last half hour of each day beside a fire, reading Burns with a glass of Fire and Cane.




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