Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas in Oriental

No, we cannot know what Christmas in Oriental is like until at least 12/25. But meanwhile, winter is coming on, a good beginning to the holiday season. The weather vascillates between gray, damp cold days and bright sunny, cold and windy days. We have wrapped the cockpit in a tarp to quell the northerlies. I call it The Blue Cocoon (rhymes with Blue Lagoon). It is not as pretty as custom canvas for a boat, but it works. So far. A good nor'easter will probably tear it apart. Pat and Judy, our remaining slip mates, suggested we are looking a bit gypsy. Of course, they are right.

This past weekend was the Spirit of Christmas in Oriental, a weekend of community cheer. Shops offer bargains along with hot cider, sweets, chowder etc. to anyone stopping by. The Rotary Club roasted chestnuts on an open fire. Friday night there was a small lit flotilla passing Lou Mac Park out on the Neuse River under a full moon brilliantly silver on the dark horizon. Although not in the flotilla, there were some nicely lit boats in the harbor.

 Be sure to note the pink flamingo, palms and green frog (from bow aft).

Saturday afternoon was the Christmas parade, a wonderful resurrection of true holiday spirit after last year's disappointments including the death of longtime local Santa, Capt Larry, and a frigid miserable rain that ruined parade day. A good friend of Capt Larry's (and ours) has succeeded him as Santa. Capt Ross is our dockmaster, nautical sensei and one of the most caring people I have had the pleasure to meet. Hurricane Irene left him and his wife without a home until March or so (he finally has a FEMA trailer). He does not complain.

Santa Ross

Boat floats, candy, dogs with antlers.

Gator carts. M & M's golf cart. 

An old  Model T Tudor with wooden spoke wheels. Antique tractors and pick up trucks. Luminaries lining Broad and Hodges Streets. A colorful, happy time.

Cameron dressed as a Who from Whoville, cavorting below The Grinch on his mountain. Clearly the Best in Show of this year's parade.

The tallest Who in Whoville.

Also see Town Dock's gallery of parade photos with The Grinch and Cameron and friends.

Aboard Wild Haggis,  we have decorated a small tree with memorable ornaments from St George Island and Ocracoke. We have strung our starfish garland and hung the stockings with care. Beth made a wreath for our finger dock from an old lifesaving ring wrapped in garland and lights. Our lifelines are hung with lights as well.

 From Scout and the crew of Wild Haggis,

we wish everyone a Happy Christmas.


  1. Oriental is such a great place to spend the holidays. It's nice to see Ross being Santa, can't believe it's been a year since Larry died. Hope your New Year is fun filled, salty, healthy, and adventurous.

  2. Merry Christmas to you, Steve and your girls.


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