Thursday, December 1, 2011


The southern migration has ended. Yes, we will still sight a few boats heading that way, but the rush is past.

Cold, but seasonable, weather has settled over us. Sunrise and sunset have been stunning with watercolor skies. Clear days and nights with brisk winds. Cameron is hoping for snow as happened last year here in December to the tune of 4-6 inches.

A few sturdy souls have chosen to remain at Oriental Harbor this winter. Anthony has decided to spend some time on his boat while his family freezes up north. Of course, Pat and Judy are here for the duration, and we have begun our Game Night with them. First game we are learning is Mah Jong, which is more complicated and challenging than I imagined, but then it is Chinese.

Yes, we are staying in Oriental for the winter too. Cruising is on hold for a while, and I think I am adjusting to that. There will be days between now and March when we can sail and explore more of this beautiful coast. And there are no crowds. In fact, Capt. Ross, our dockmaster, says it is even quieter than years past.

As an aside, Capt. Ross also occasionally dispenses practical wisdom. Recently, over lunch, he shared this advice about Marriage: "You can be Right or you can be Happy. I choose to be Happy."

In the meantime, the holidays are approaching, and we need to prepare the boat for Christmas as Beth had decorated our "front door" for autumn. A nice plump pumpkin beside one piling and a sheaf of multi-colored Indian corn (are we supposed to call it "Native American Corn" now?) hung on the other above our coir rug. The rug is tacked to the finger dock to help prevent me taking a swim during winter when the dock is slick with rain or frost or snow.

Because we are only nominally "at sea", posts will continue to be mostly about life around Oriental and the water.

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