Monday, December 10, 2012

Oriental Christmas: Let the Holidays Begin

The new star.
Oriental's Christmas festivities began Friday night with the lighting of the Christmas Star, a new star made by Luke, a friend of ours. The celebration continued with an "impromptu" gangnam style street dance (no, I do not know what it is either) by several Whos from Whoville and led by The Grinch himself (also Luke).

The joy continued into Saturday with businesses offering free cider, cookies and cheer (discounts). Late afternoon, the annual Christmas parade. And Santa in the position of honor atop a USCG rescue boat. As the sun set, the luminaries lining the streets were lit, a soft and welcoming glow through the village.

As always, check for complete coverage and photos. (But do not ask me how they missed the pink pigs pulling a sleigh (trailer)).

The Grinch Dance.

Tallest Who in Whoville

The "new" dragon. Luann to left, smiling.
Eleven pipers "piping". All had pipes, pajamas, smoking jackets and elf caps.
 Corncob, briarwood, calabash and more. But no smoke.

Reindeer pigs?

Vintage Vette.

Vintage firetruck.

Live gospel with organ by Pilgrim Church Voices of Faith.

Ford Model T wooden spokes.

Santa Ross.

 Merry Christmas.

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