Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another New Year

The Old Dragon. A New Year.
I suppose it is good that these new years continue to arrive regardless of weather, politics or personal preference.

Last night, a crowd gathered along Hodges Street in front of The Bean to bang, clang and otherwise noisily welcome the old dragon and the new year. Good luck to those who touch a fang (rhymes with rang, bang and clang unlike the Chinese pronunciation which would rhyme with bong, gong and kong) under the glowing green eyes of the undulating dragon. The local Drum Circle beat a background rhythm like the pounding of hundreds of collective hearts. Colorful hats and costumes in the midst of constantly flashing cameras.

Cameron's video captures more than my words. 
Click here for video (sound On) Running of the Dragon

Glowing dragon eye.

Lucky dragon fangs.

Lucky touch.

Dragon banner.

Dan of the Drum Circle with crazy hat.
We did not make it to the midnight running of the dragons (yes, two of them, old and new meeting for the first time). So, we did not see the traditional dropping of the Croaker.

Croaker hanging from a mast waiting for its midnight drop.
Our holidays were full. Dinners or parties with lots of old friends: Dick & Jackie, Steve & Kim, Dan & Luann & Kirstie, Butch, David & Joanne, Liz & Cathy & Robert, Barbara & Marshall & Remington & Becca, Todd & Rick. You get the idea. [Of course, as always, our dance card paled beside Todd and Rick's twenty-eight events and five-day total of 50-60 sit-down dinners served at 301.]

On an almost spur-of-the-moment trip on Christmas Day to take Taylor back to the mountains, we saw our first snow (flurries) in two years. Wonderful to catch up with Charles and David & Ceevah while Cam managed to coordinate a rendezvous with all but one of his closest Asheville friends at Malaprops. A busy but not stressful holiday season capped by a new year's gathering here at the marina and with a jaunt into town to see the aforementioned dragon run and friends Ross & Donna and Kevin & Louise as well as Mark C.

Unfortunately, we bailed on the Instead of Football Regatta today. Too chilly with rain pending? I had a backup plan to crew Barry's Idle Queen, but Michelle took ill. Nevertheless, it looks like about thirty boats braved the gray day to round the course from Green #1 to Adams Creek to Garbacon Shoal (there should be a cedilla under the "c", but English keyboards do not offer them, thus the marker is called Garbacon as in "bacon and eggs" when it should be Garbacon as in "shoot" with two "o"s) and then back to M&M's for the "mandatory" skippers meeting where winners would be drawn from a hat or bowl or some other handheld vessel. Nope, it matters not who crossed the finish line first. No angling for prizes or awards (though maybe some whispered bragging rights). A truly egalitarian beginning to the year.

In closing, with nothing profound or philosophical to offer, I do want to thank all of the people who have purchased Blackwater and Blue, as well as those who have offered feedback. When I published it, I hoped a few people would find it worthy. The response has been humbling and encouraging. Thank you. And look for Cabin Notes 2012 (titled Cabin Notes: Life on the Water) to be released in the coming month. If you want a preview, just let me know.

Happy New Year from the crew of Wild Haggis.

At 301 in 60NM. Photo by Rick.


  1. How wonderful you guys look. Happy New Year

  2. What a beautiful family photo. Miss you all!


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