Saturday, October 19, 2013


After ten years living in the exploding megalopolis of Atlanta, my wife and I returned to our home state of North Carolina and moved into a nineteenth century log cabin in the mountains south of Asheville. With our two children, a Labrador puppy and a black cat, we sought neither a sixties back-to-the-earth experience nor Thoreau’s Walden. We wanted only to enhance and simplify what our lives had become. The move brought more joy and adventure than we imagined. It was the best of times despite some bloodshed along the way. 

Living in the cabin and the mountains quickly filled with new experiences. I began to write an occasional and informal newsletter; I called it Cabin Notes and emailed it to family and friends. (I knew nothing about blogs then.) When we moved to the boat, I revived the name for this blog as our new home on the water had similarities with the cabin adventure. But I had never completed the stories of our adventures and misadventures that have now become a memoir titled Mole Ranch

Mole Ranch is available in print or ebook. Please purchase through your local bookstore. For a preview, see preview at Amazon.

If you read the book, I hope you will write a review on Amazon or your favorite book site. I appreciate your support.

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