Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Winter Storm

I really am tired of writing about the weather, but it continues to dominate our lives. Plus, I feel a responsibility to our cruising friends to make sure they appreciate their warm climates.

I am not at work today. Everything frozen everywhere.

View of Oriental across Whittaker Creek from inside the boat.
No way I was going out onto treacherous deck or dock to take a measly photo.
What looks to be wet on the dock to the left is clear ice.
We left the college about 11 yesterday morning when the last two students decided that freezing rain might ruin their return trip home. I used a knife twice to scrape ice from my windshield.

As I started out the dock here at the marina, I slipped. Slower, more cautiously, I continued on and slipped again. The concrete dock looked sort of wet, but it was perfectly glazed. I removed my shoes knowing that my wool socks would offer more traction. Mostly they did.

Through the afternoon and into the evening, freezing rain, then sleet, then freezing rain and more sleet. Sometime during the night a little bit of snow. 

We woke to 16 degrees and a wind chill of 7. The side  decks are covered to the top of the toe rail with drifts against the portholes. The upside is that we can leave the haggis sent by Todd in the cockpit without worrying that it will thaw. Thank you Todd.

Looking out a port with "drift" of sleet.
Note that both photos are in color; the day is that gray.
Another winter day in paradise and time for another cup of hot tea as we sit cocooned in fleece with two heaters blowing  and one clay flower pot heating on the gas range. Living on the water has its moments.


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