Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter Storm Again

Deck looking up creek. What looks like fog is snow falling.
Another Tuesday, another winter storm. Another day not worked, although I could have showed up if I could have gotten off the boat, which I could not. Just after 0900, I found that the administration had finally closed the school as of 0900, the time my first class starts. The irony could melt the snow on the highways.

This storm is blowing actual snow unlike the last. A nice break from the sleet and freezing rain (though we have had some of that as well). A raft of a thousand or so scaup (a small sea duck sometimes called a "bluebill", not to be confused by the fish known as a "bluegill") are stretched up and down the creek, their black heads bobbing in the chop from the northeast winds that sweep them to and fro. I also call them "pop-up ducks" because so many will suddenly vanish from the surface all together, then reappear much the same way a bit later. Not sure what they are feeding on as we can see no fish, but they feed a lot.

Scaup on water in snow (yes, shot from INSIDE through porthole).

Fine Lion and Mr Mac are enjoying warm weather and excellent water visibility much farther south (Bahamas and Barbuda respectively). Check their blogs to right. And Bill of Charisma is having fine weather in Georgetown (Bahamas, not DC).

The crew of Idle Queen has returned and probably wishes they were still in Mississippi. Sadly, Harry Heckel, the two-time circumnavigator from whom Barry bought Idle Queen, just passed away, ten days short of his 98th birthday. We should all be so fortunate to have such a long and full life. Check out Harry's book:  Around the World in Eighty Years. It is a fine read for anyone who dreams of leaving the everyday world behind to seek new places and adventures.

Oh yes, did you hear about the 2.9 earthquake that hit fifteen miles from here?

Stay warm.

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